RRCC Media Response to the Recycling Markets Crisis

This Media Kit is designed to:

  • Educate your cities, counties, LEAs, etc. about the financial impacts of the markets crisis and the likelihood of necessary rate increases

  • Educate state and local governments on the need to incentivize domestic market/infrastructure development

This Media Kit is available to you and the public so that you can share it with your jurisdictions about the reality of the Recycling Markets crisis. We've been hearing from our members that many cities and counties are unsure about the magnitude of the crisis. This Media Kit will give you the back-up you need, as the resources on the page will continue to be built on a daily basis from all of the press (TV, newspaper, radio, social media) that is being generated.

Our talking points, and yours as well, include:

  • China National Sword and the impact on markets

  • The true cost of recycling and the cost per household (what once was a funding stream to offset rates is now a cost)

  • Education to address contamination to residents (keep recycling items in your recycling cart – but clean up the stream)

Check back here on a regular basis. If you are meeting with press, be sure to send them here as well.

Click link to view video, audio or article.

Please email trish@resourcecoalition.org to add media links from all sources.

7/20/21: Resource Recycling - Indonesia confirms import contamination limit

7/14/21: Plastics Recycling Update - Turkey reverses ban on scrap plastic imports

4/20/21: Resource Recycling - Exports continuye despite dramatic overseas changes

12/12/20: South China Morning Report - Southeast Asia braces for trash dump as China enacts waste import ban

11/30/20: Recycling Today - Chinese government reaffirms paper, ferous scrap barrier

11/29/20: Waste Advantage Magazine - China to Ban All Imports of Solid Waste from 2021

11/27/20: ChinaNews - China to ban all imports of solid waste from 2021

11/3/20: Resource Recycling - Another Asian country bans imports of mixed paper

10/21/20: Plastics Recycling Update - COVID-19 and China drive global market changes

10/20/20: Resource Recycling - China’s 2020 ban ‘will not have massive impact’ on fiber markets

10/6/20: Resource Recycling - How market and material changes have stung Ontario

9/22/20: Resource Recycling - China and Hong Kong issue new plastic import rules

9/21/20: Waste Today - Newest quotas from China accept larger volumes

9/18/20: Waste Today - Hong Kong issues plastic scrap import rules

9/16/20: Plastics Recycling Update - Report: China clamps down on recycled pellet imports

9/9/20: BIR - Turkey limits recovered paper and plastics imports to 50% of domestic recyclers’ production capacity

9/9/20: Resource Recycling - China ban spurs rise in plastic waste ‘criminal trends’

8/26/20: Plastics Recycling Update - Shipping shakeup continues as China’s extended ban nears

8/25/20: Resource Recycling - Shipping shakeup continues as China’s extended ban nears

8/12/20: Plastics Recycling Update - Plastic exports drop 18% in first half of 2020

8/4/20: Resource Recycling - What to expect in domestic recycled paper markets 

7/29/20: Bloombert - China Finally Makes Its Peace With ‘Foreign Garbage’

7/27/20: Resource Recycling - Largest shipping company won’t take recyclables to China

7/22/20: Reuters - Danish shipper Maersk to stop taking waste to China, Hong Kong from Sept

7/14/20: Resource Recycling - China vows to further slash imports while approving permits

7/8/20: MassLive - Western Mass. communities confront recycling crisis with new contracts, higher costs 

7/7/20: Recycling Today - China affirms ban on several scrap commodities in 2021 

7/7/20: Resource Recycling News - Another major shipping line ends scrap service to China

6/16/20: Waste Dive - Indonesia appears to have finalized scrap import rules

6/10/20: Plastics Recycling Update - Shipping giant stops taking exports to Hong Kong

6/10/20: Resource Recycling News - Shipping giant stops taking fiber exports to China

5/13/20: Plastics Recycling Update - Scrap plastic exports are dropping again this year

5/6/20: Plastics Recycling Update - Low virgin plastics pricing pinches recycling market further

5/5/20: Waste360.com - China Indicates Foreign Recyclables Shutdown Will Be Permanent